‘Skyrim Special Edition’ Update: How To Install Mods On Xbox One; Linking Bethesda And Xbox One Accounts And MORE; See Video HERE!

By Tony Park - 01 Dec '16 20:55PM

The "Skyrim Special Edition" allows users to mod their game, enabling them to create content that will enrich their gaming experience. This mod craze is part of the console world's foray into the area of user generated content. Mods are widely available on PC but they can also be done on PS4 or Xbox One.

According to Forbes magazine, a Bethesda account is needed to begin the "Skyrim Special Edition" mods installation on Xbox One. This account can be created using a mobile device such as smartphone and PC. It will be your key to sign in on the console.

Next, the Bethesda account should be linked to the Xbox One account to gain access to "Skyrim Special Edition" mods from Bethesda's download hub. To connect the two accounts, the Bethesda username and password should be keyed in once the Skyrim is started on the Xbox One and the Mods list is displayed.

Then, the "Skyrim" mods will be made available in which you can choose from. A search function is present to narrow the selection down. To separate the mods by type, users can scroll up and down the mode page.

"Windows Central" discussed that "Skyrim" mods can be enabled or disabled once they are on Xbox One. Deleting mode is also possible by pressing the "Y" button of the controller. The "A" button is used to disable or enable a mode.

Establishing a load order is imperative. This will help players of "Skyrim Special Edition" on Xbox One to determine the most important mods by ordering which mods should be applied first when the game is loaded. Higher up order should be allotted for big sweeping things while the bottom order is for smaller things like new armors or buildings.

Mods are part of the interactive nature of video games. They could either make things unique, entertaining and most of the time, enjoyable. You can check the video below for more information on "Skyrim" mods.

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