'Outlander' Star "Sam Heughan" Reveals Big Surprises In Season 3 & Details About The Iconic Print Shop Scene To Deviate From "Voyager" Book?

By Rita Mendoza - 01 Dec '16 17:43PM

While still in production, bits of "Outlander" Season 3 spoilers have escaped the set. Sam Heughan gladly disclosed details about his character James Fraser in the third season of the series. Co-executive producer of "Outlander" Matthew B. Roberts also leaked photos that may suggest the iconic print shop location.

 There's always a light at the end of the tunnel @outlander_starz #outlander

A photo posted by Matthew B. Roberts (@nofoolingproductions) on Nov 26, 2016 at 3:51am PST

Matthew B. Roberts took to Instagram some photos of "Outlander" Season 3 production set. The photo above showed a cobblestone tunnel with a mysterious caption which fans seem to think is the location of the alley leading to the print shop. The scene is very dear to fans as it is the iconic moment when Claire and Jamie meet after years of being apart. For now, it has been revealed that they have completed the first 4 episodes of the "Outlander" Season 3. The iconic print shop reunion will be featured in the next episode.

Pop Sugar phoned Sam Heughan (Jamie) for details about "Outlander" Season 3, and he gladly obliged. When asked about details of what may come as a surprise for fans of the "Voyager" book, he revealed that fans need not worry since they adhere to the book as close as possible. Since they can't make book episodic, there may be scenes that readers may recognize as different. But they put in as many details of the book as they can.

Sam Heughan also reveals that the beginning of "Outlander" Season 3 may deviate a bit from the book. The season premiere will feature a flashback of the battle of Culloden and a preview of what happened to Jamie after Claire went through the stones. He also spilled that the Highlanders will be defeated and could be annihilated. He adds there will be "big surprises" and "great moments" based on the book that they try to carry out.

The actor reveals that fans should expect a different Jamie. An embattled Jamie who has lost his one true love. In "Outlander" season 3, he will take on a journey that will bring him back to James Fraser again, and eventually lead him to Claire as in the "Voyager" book's iconic Print Shop scene.

"Outlander" Season 3 will air sometime in 2017 on Starz.

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