Sarah Palin News & Updates: Palin As Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary? Who's She Competing Against With For The Position?

By Leby Nightray - 01 Dec '16 20:25PM

The Trump Administration needs the best person they can have. The best of the best are out there and some are really willing to be part of that administration. That is why rumors abound that the new administration is considering Sarah Palin to head the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Sarah Palin is a visionary, she has a goal and she's under a consideration which could help her achieve that. The consideration was for the position of secretary in veterans affairs. There are 300,00 federal employees in Department of Veterans Affairs and reforming it includes improving health care, securing benefits and the use of military skills for a return to the workforce as according to the speech of Sarah Palin in a video posted on Facebook by Dakota Meyer.

Sarah Palin's goal would need her to get the position and so it was stated  that she had offered herself up to Donald Trump's transition officials but somehow, the chances of her to get the position is quite slim.  The reason behind this is that Scott Brown, former Massachusetts Senator, is a more likely candidate and has been reported to have already met with the president-elect for the position.

If Sarah Palin has to go against Sen. Scott Brown. The need for her to bring out her best is needed as it looks like former Texas Governor Rick Perry and Florida Congressman Jeff Miller are also part of the most likely candidate.

Sarah Palin though, had a shot for the position as  she is one of Donald Trump's high-profile endorser. She campaigned together with Trump and also appeared together  at a high-profile rally at the United States' Capitol, the rally was something against the Iran deal.

Sarah Palin is a true advocate as she firmly believes that the people owe the freedom to the service members who protected it. Her support for the administration might be because they are sharing the belief she's believing in.

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