'Reign' Season 4 Spoilers, News & Updates; Queen Mary Stuart Is Back On Her Throne; Plans Of Remarrying Unfolds

By Chad Jarvis - 02 Dec '16 05:52AM

The followers of "Reign" can't help but be ecstatic as the wait will be over soon.  Adelade Kane's dominion begins to unfold in 2017 and the fans are already bracing themselves.

The franchise exquisitely highlights the arc of a young member of the royal hierarchy,named Mary Stuart, the Queen of Scots.  The young lass perpetrated a colorful character life, sometimes feisty, yet mostly naïve.  Her life is full of trials, entangling betrayals, intrigues and scandals.  The "Reign" saga however is a historical fantasy, meaning more of a fiction.  Penned by Laurie Mc Carthy, the franchise is loved due to its beautiful scenic locations, beautiful gowns, epic wardrobe and majestic settings.  Despite its version of reviews and criticism, the finale of the second royal  season garnered almost a million viewers.

The final episode of the "Reign" series focused on Toby Regbo, playing King Francis, who succumbed to untimely death.  The King left his young wife whom he had been with for only a year.  Prior to this mournful event, Mary also experienced the loss of her dear friends in the court namely Kenna, Aylee, Greer and the last is the tragedy of beheading her dearest friend, Lady Lola. All this series of misfortune left Mary shattered and seeking to avenge for the death of the girl whom she grew up with. 

Meanwhile, the "Reign" season 4 presents a stronger Queen of Scots.  She has now gained strength to return to the country and strengthen her monarchy.  The series is also left with an impression that as Mary returns to Scotland, a charming man for the Queen is in line to be the next husband, willing to protect her crown.  The marital vows can also extend the monarchs dominance over England.

"Reign" season 4 returns to its on air telecast sometime in February 10, 2017, 9-10 P.M.

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