Nintendo's 'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Sold Millions Of Units; What Is Next For Nintendo?

By Maria Follet - 01 Dec '16 09:28AM

This last quarter of the year might be Nintendo's one big lucky time as its sales on their latest 3-Dimensional games that they launched fared really well. The Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon continues to soar high, making a very remarkable marketing hit in their company's history.  European and American fans are enjoying this addictive game of Pokemon.

Pokemon is no longer new to those who are into games and it is even one of the longest-known game in the world. But how high did these two fresh offerings of Nintendo hit in terms of sales? Let's find out.

Since its launch on November 18, both 3D games have gained a total of 3.7 million units sold in America alone, The Verge reports. Not just that, many games in Europe bought the units, which totaled around 1.5 million. To top it off 368,000 units sold to United Kingdom alone. This could mean that it is  undeniably one of the fastest-selling units of games of Nintendo Company and even compared to the other games outmin the market these days.

This is  big achievement that  even Nintendo America expressed their delight to the successful selling of Pokemon Sun and Moon. As reported at Forbes, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Doug Bowser of Nintendo America said that it only proved that these two games are the very much sought after especially for this yuletide season.

Of course, aside from its big sales, Forbes give them a rating of 9/10, which is pretty a big score matching the recent accomplishment of Nintendo.

Indeed, Pokemon is still prevalent, even up to this new generation. And that's Nintendo is being successful. Even Polygon sees it as promising, even throughout twenty years of entertaining not just the kiddos, but also to those who are devoted to such phenomenon.

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