Apple Turns "RED" In Support Of HIV/AIDS Awareness By Releasing New Products In Relation To It

By Mar V - 01 Dec '16 10:12AM

Apple's App Store, iTunes and retail stores have been covered in red last Thursday and there has been a logical explanation for that. In line with supporting the HIV/Aids awareness, Apple has gone out of their way to make a statement.

Apple Inc. Celebrates 10 Years Of Partnership With RED Organization In Preventing HIV/AIDS

For ten consecutive years now, Apple Inc. has been in partnership with an organization named RED which helps in raising awareness of HIV/AIDS. Every 1st of December, they celebrate that by making their products red; to revel in the World Aids Day, raise money and awareness for The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. There are more than 400 Apple stores spread all over the world and they have all been a part of this momentous tradition that has raised money and awareness to everyone concerned.

Medications Prevent Transmission Of AIDS From An Expecting Mother To Her Unborn Child

The work of RED generally works around creating access to saving lives by providing medication of the said diseases in sub-Saharan Africa. The said country has been recorded as one of the highest cases of AIDS all over the world, thus prompting the organization to choose such for their project which is being supported by Apple. The medications that they are currently working on does not necessarily cure AIDS, however prevents the transmission of the disease from mothers to their unborn child. It has been one of the highest rated cases in transmitting the diseases: through pregnancy and child birth.

Apple Inc. Believes The Company Is Taking A Stand In Delicate And Social Situations As Such

Even though one person may not have been sexually active yet, one may get the disease naturally and have it the minute they are born. Thus, Apple has been supporting the RED organization to help these men and women and prevent them from being able to spread the disease even more. Apple will also be expanding their products, games and apps that will increase the sales price of the RED organization, such as iphone7 battery pack case and Beats Solo 3 Wireless headphones to name a few. Apple suggests that the company shall soon be known as one to take stands in social issues such STDs, HIV/AIDS.

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