'Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Guide: Where To Find Mimikyu and Battle Strategy Guide How to Catch It

By Mara T - 01 Dec '16 23:19PM

Mimikyu is unlike any other Pokemon in "Pokemon Sun and Moon". It is described as a lonely Pokemon and hopes that if it dresses like Pikachu, it can make more friends. So for players who would want to help Mimikyu and make it their friend, this article will be a player's guide where to find Mimikyu and how to catch it.

Where to catch Mimikyu in "Pokemon Sun and Moon"?

An encounter with Mimikyu should happen when the player has already reached the fourth island of the Alola Region, Ula'ula Island. It nests inside the Thrifty Market which is only accessible after the player completes the Island Challenge. To reach Thrifty Market, just go south from Route 14 and that should lead straight to Mimikyu's habitat.

How to catch Mimikyu in "Pokemon Sun and Moon"?

Inside the Thrifty market, players just need to walk inside the mart a couple of times until they encounter a Mimikyu. Although its spawn rate is very low, it's all worth the effort once the player catches it. As soon as Mimikyu pops out, players should use a low-level Pokemon with False Swipe Move to lower its HP yet making sure it doesn't reach zero and faint.

Most of the time, Mimikyu will call Haunter, Golbat and Klefki for help but just drain their HP so the player can throw a ball to Mimikyu. In addition, players are not encouraged to use any Poison move on it because it will limit the number of balls a player can throw at it, considering it usually takes a lot to catch a Mimikyu.

What makes Mimikyu unique from other Pokemon?

Aside from being cute and dark at the same time, Mimikyu is also a strong Pokemon with good defense stats. Its base rating starts at 105 and is a fairy/ghost type Pokemon. This means it is untouchable to all normal attack of the dragon, bug or fighting Pokemon in "Pokemon Sun and Moon".

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