Space War: US Military Gears Up For An Out Of This World, Next-Gen Battle

By Erika Ivene - 01 Dec '16 09:38AM

The US military force is always prepared for battle, however, there is an impending war that is beyond the territories of America. An "out of this world" war is a threat that makes America work hard in preparing for all the possible attacks.

According to a Daily Mail report, the US Defense chiefs are outing warnings on America that any moment a war in space may occur. Following news of Russia and China developing modern, high-technology weapons to be launched in space, the US Defense fear that they can easily attack and destroy America's key satellites. These satellites installed in space are relatively vulnerable and old compared to that of Russia and China's.

Even before the Earth could magnet wars with other worlds, the US is already on alert for a space war against fellow humans. And although it may look fair, setting foot on the same ground, it still isn't. A space war brought about by other Earth countries could be even dangerous since humans have the abilities to plan and think. People know what people are capable and incapable of. Meaning, they know how to destroy even the Earth, too.

The head of the US Strategic Command, Gen. John Hyten, told CNN in an interview that whenever humans go to a certain place, conflicts usually happen. And since Russia and China's decision to launch their space weapons, there is a huge possibility for an even bigger conflict.

What Gen. Hyten implies was if the weapons to be launched by Russia and China are purposed to do a massive cyber attack on the US' satellites, doom will follow. If these satellites are to be destroyed, an entire blackout could happen to Earth. Blank TV screens, cut internet connections, and monopoly with communication lines would happen if the space war pushes through. And whatever implications would spurt out from that state, no one could seem to imagine.

Meanwhile, The Inquisitr reported on what could be expected following a space war with weapons that can be used for mass destructions. This won't be a simple colonization, like what some countries have experienced in earlier history. A space war could breed a more destructive world domination that could cause the lives and freedom of everything and everyone that reside on it.

However, there's still no confirmation on these attacks. The US Defense hopes that whatever Russia and China are planning will be done in good faith and for the betterment of all.

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