Will Hillary Clinton Become President After Votes Are Recounted In Three Battleground States?

By Harry J. - 01 Dec '16 10:05AM

The losing U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has shown her support to the efforts of Jill Stein to have a vote recount on three battleground states. These states are Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. The vote recount has the support of the Democratic campaign. But it is uncertain if Stein's efforts will get support from states other than Wisconsin. .

Will A Recount Be Enough To Make Her President?

Even some supporters of the Democratic Party has voiced their apprehension if the recounting of the Electoral College votes in these three states will be enough to reverse the election results and make Hillary Clinton the president-elect instead of Donald Trump. Even then, die-hard Clinton supporters are crossing their fingers.

After Donald Trump won over Hillary Clinton in the Electoral College vote on Nov. 8, Clinton supporters are hard at work in doing all they can to reverse the results. Clinton was able to win the popular vote by a big margin. But the Electoral College vote went to Donald Trump which effectively made him the president-elect.

There Are Petitions Requesting For A Recount

Currently there are several petitions that are filed on Change.org. These petitions are directed towards the Electoral College requesting them to vote for Hillary Clinton on Dec. 19. There are now about 4 million signatures in the petition and the addition of about 1 million more will push it towards the Electoral College.

If a recount will happen and Hillary Clinton comes out as the winner in the three states, she will be the new President of the United States. But Donald Trump said that there will be a lot of time and money that will be wasted. That is, if the recount will show the same results.

However, John Bonifaz, a voting rights attorney who is supporting the recount said "I believe in the democratic process and I believe that we need to verify the vote regardless of who the winner was declared on election night." "It may turn out that it doesn't change the result of the election, but it's a healthy process to engage in democracy," he added.

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