'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Spoilers: Negan's Backstory, Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Scott M. Gimple Speaks

By Ileen Jasmine - 01 Dec '16 09:52AM

The Walking Dead previously revealed its biggest villain yet - Negan. Since Negan's first appearance on the show's sixth season, the big meanie took pop culture by storm.

To date, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is one of the most hated characters on TV. This case is understandable as he appeared on the show, taking two of the most beloved The Walking Dead characters right off the bat.

Currently, Negan has only been in four episodes (one in Season 6, and 3 in Season 7). But this doesn't stop Negan from getting all the hate. He was mentioned almost in every episode this season, and he is clearly the black cloud above Rick, Alexandria, and the other communities. He's always there.

Despite all the hate Negan gets, actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan enjoys portraying the character. And he does it very well. The fact that Negan is one of the most hated and loved characters on the show only makes JDM's time on the set more enjoyable.

What some fans might not know is that the foul-mouthed villain actually has an interesting background story that might - or might not - make sense of all his deadly antics in the show. The Walking Dead comic series by Robert Kirkman revealed Negan's backstory and his life before the apocalypse.

With this in mind, fans are already wondering whether or not The Walking Dead will show Negan's backstory on TV. Scott Gimple, TWD showrunner and producer, said fans will get what they want.

In an interview with Yahoo!, Gimple talked about Negan and possibly exploring his backstory in the future. Gimple said: "I do believe yes, it's in the future. You know, I'm always careful about this, [because] things can absolutely change." He added, "There's a loose plan in place I have."

Negan (the baddie's backtory) is being featured in Image+ preview magazine. Every issue of the magazine includes four pages of Negan's backstory, and it is rumored that this will go on for a whole year.

For those who are excited to see what Negan did before the apocalypse, his profession, who's Lucille, and more, this is truly a great way to find out. Gimple also hinted that Here's Negan story will be their source for his backstory episode on the show.

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