Colombia Plane Crash: Investigators Continue To Search For Answers On What Caused The Plane Crash That Killed 75 People

By Mar V - 01 Dec '16 09:45AM

One of the most tragic plane crash accidents has then occurred recently, when a plane, filled with Football players and journalists, crashes into Colombia, killing 71 people. Now, there are more updates on what could have caused the tragic accident.

Avro RJ85 Crashes Into Colombia; Killing 71 People Out Of 77 On Board Of The Plane

The Chapecoense Brazilian Football team were on their way to Medellin to take the field against Colombian football team known as the Atlético Nacional when suddenly, the most tragic time of their lives have happened. The plane that was carrying more than 70 passengers in it, Avro RJ85, crashed into Island of Colombia, killing almost all of the passengers on board. Some lives were spared, however, are in critical condition. Despite the tragic loss, they now have to move forward with their lives, and move on with the investigation.

Survivors Of The Plane Crash Now In Critical Condition After Accident; Spinal Injuries, Leg Amputations And The Like

In line with that, Brazil city officials along with some of the members of the Brazilian Football Federation will be flying to the scene of the accident, to help in identifying the victims. So far, there are only six people who have survived; three of the players, one journalist and two of the crew members. The survivors have remained in critical condition, one even trying to recover from the amputation of one of his legs. Reports have claimed that moments before the plane crashed on land, the pilot was already screaming over the radio, saying he needed to do an emergency landing for he has run out of fuel.

Fuel Problem That Was Not Addressed Was What Could Have Highly Caused The Plane Crash

An Avianca crew member overheard a last-minute conversation over the radio among air traffic controllers, and details have matched those of the investigators. After pleading for help, announcing about fuel problems, he then said later that "we have a total electrical outage," moments before they crashed. Upon deliberation, the investigators have determined that the crew's mistake in failing to inform the controllers about the extent of the fuel problem in their engine was what caused the crash. Had they been more prominent and sure, they would have avoided such tragic accident. Electrical failure as the cause for the crash is also being investigated on top of the fuel problem that was initially the concern.

On Wednesday, Medellin fans gathered around the stadium where the match would have been played, paid their respects to those who have lost their lives.

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