Belgium And Netherlands Agree To Peacefully Swap Lands To Simplify Border Issues

By Mar V - 01 Dec '16 09:41AM

Just recently, Belgium and Netherlands have recently agreed to a swapping of land, making Belgium smaller now and Netherlands bigger. They may have an exchange of lands but so it appears, it is not an equal trade in terms of size.

Border Along The River Meuse Created To Separate Netherlands And Belgium Back In History

The size of Belgium is now about to get smaller as a swapping of lands will occur between them and Netherlands, which is not an equal trade in terms of size. It can be recalled in history that Belgium gained its independence from the Netherlands back in 1830 to which a border was created along the river Meuse. No, after years of negotiation between two countries, they have finally been able to settle the dispute in a civil manner. They have both agreed to change their borders.

Netherlands To Have A Bigger Land Area After Treaty; Belgium Becomes Smaller

The deal was made due to straightening out the borders along the river of Meuse around the 1960s. Now, in exchange, Netherlands will be gaining around 25 hectares of land while Belgium will only be getting around five hectares. The borderline has caused dispute to both parties wherein the Dutch police takes no jurisdiction over the land that was left to Belgium and the latter's police force has not access to the area which has been known to be used for drug works. They will have to pass through Netherlands to get to the portion of the land that was theirs and it has aused extreme difficulty and inconvenience. Thus, in line with this, they have come into a settlement that proves disputes can be settled without proclaiming war.

Agreement Between Netherlands And Belgium Signed Earlier This Week; Disputes Settled In Civil Manner

The talks about moving the border has been discussed way back in 2012 but the treaty and agreement wasn't signed until last Monday, and it will be soon implemented in the works on 2018. This will finally mark the end of small differences between two countries, and proved that some disputes can in fact be settled without a bloody war ahead of them. Nonetheless, despite an uneven trade, both countries are civil and have agreed upon it.

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