Tornado And Storm Kills 5 In Northeast Alabama; Tragedy Ruins Churches And Even Lives

By Mar V - 01 Dec '16 09:43AM

Just recently, North-eastern Alabama and Tennessee were hit with a tornado and a huge storm that killed nearly five people in the area as it struck. There were extreme damages to the structures in the town as well.

Alabama Struck By Tornado And Storm; 5 People Killed In Unfortunate Tragedy

Initially, the tornado that struck Alabama killed three people in town and later that day, two people were also confirmed dead in Tennessee. Other than the ones confirmed dead in Alabama, there were several others who were critically injured by the tornado that was also accompanied by a storm shortly after. A 24-hour day-care center was also struck and destroyed during the tornado and the storm. Luckily it was not open when the tragedy happened. There would have been more lives lost at the time.

Alabama Now Under State Of Emergency; Adults And Kids Alike Injured At The Incident

According to the officials of Ider in DeKalb County, some operators of the center who live in the area sought for protection in the structure. Three kids and three adults were there, who were later taken to the hospital for further medical treatment. The three adults were considered to be in critical condition upon arrival at the hospital. The Jackson County Sheriff Chuck Phillips was interviewed shortly after the storm has calmed down, and he could not yet identify the extent of the damage that was done since it happened in the dark. They waited until morning to ensure that no more casualties are to be accounted for.

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley has already issued a state of emergency all throughout the entire state after what happened. In total so far, there were ten people accounted to be critically injured both in Jackson and DeKalb, both minor and critical. The citizens of the state are now trying to pull themselves together, especially that this is not the first time such tragedy has befallen their grounds. Nevertheless, the residents of Alabama and Tennessee are trying to work through the whole situation after numerous homes were destroyed, churches were damaged and electrical lines were cut off.

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