'Stranger Things Season 2': The Previous Season Was Explosive; This Season Will Make TV Series Lovers Want To See More

By Lester Mondragon - 01 Dec '16 10:19AM

"Stranger Things Season 2" is in the air and followers of this TV Series is itching to get to their seats and enjoy the next installation it. The previous  Season had seen great and positive reviews that will convince the audience who has not watched it.

There are numerous reasons why fans of Stranger Things would love to share this to people who are considering o watch this series . It has become a Netflix sensation. People who watched commented on how they were glued to their seats when viewing it.

"Stranger Things Season 2" was an excellent series in the sense that it is a balanced and fun watch. The previous Season saw to only eight episodes. The makers of this series had planned it all too well as to how many episodes it want to last. Too many episodes in a Season makes the show tedious and boring.

Reviews showed that the mysterious plots never let up. Mysteries are complimented by the suspense and skillful acts of the shows' actors and actresses. It also depicts nostalgic moments and settings reminiscent of previous movie greats like "E.T" and "Goulies".

The casting hit its mark by the perfect presentation of the show's players that was matched with their respective roles. Also, Terror and humor blended in so well that scary and comedy just became complimentary categories, statement in a review of Forbes.

Rumors have it that the "Stranger Things Season 2" will see Mike go to the Upside Down World in search for Eleven when she vanished after vanquishing the monster in the last episode of Stranger Things Season 1. Mike Wheeler and Eleven's relationship is not over. A love team is in the making and had set their date to join the dance party together, according to the job and hire.

Stranger Things Season 2 is a TV Series worth seeing.  A viewer will not waste watching the episodes.

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