‘No Man’s Sky’ Latest News: Updated Files Reveals Clues For Upcoming New Vehicle; Word Stones Turns Into A Buggy?

By Harry J. - 30 Nov '16 08:28AM

A Reddit member who also is a player of the "No Man's Sky" video game stated that its data files have textures and one model that appears like it is a buggy. He imported the files and loaded them to the game. Then he tried playing with it and discovered that the model is just like a buggy.

Did Hello Games Introduce A New Land Vehicle?

His findings can mean that Hello Games has introduced a forthcoming land-based car that players can try to run around the planets. Exploration will be made easier compared to the way they did it before on foot even with a jet pack with limited fuel

Another Reddit member said that the said data files make sense considering that with this new land vehicle, players will be able to conveniently conduct their explorations. Travelling with these vehicles will be a lot safer and easier. This could be useful when going into toxic planets or places where there are numerous hazards such as wild inhabitants and ferocious creatures.

A Folding Garage Door Is Also Unveiled

One member also discovered that a folding garage door can be used as the base building entrance. This could mean that this can be used as a garage for the land vehicle. The official website of the video game "No Man's Sky" stated that the particular member uploaded the data files. Then he changed it into a mod so that others can try it out.

The description says that it will change all the Word Stones with this buggy model. They used it just to prove that these data files were real. If players will try to use this mod, they only need to search for a Word Stone on the planet and see its effect.

The Feature Is Not Yet Final

The game developers have not yet confirmed if they will really introduce this new buggy feature in "No Man's Sky." However, they teased this concept with their Foundation Update. The developers stated that this lays the groundwork for more video game contents that will come. Their recent updates were big in scope including three new models, a base building and a lot more.

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