‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Global Link Event Will Challenge Players To Earn Rewards By Catching 100 Pokemon

By Harry J. - 30 Nov '16 08:31AM

A recent report says that a global link event will be made for the video game "Pokemon Sun and Moon." This is an event that will make Pokemon players work together to capture 100 million Pokemons in a matter of two weeks. If this is accomplished, players can look forward to receiving awesome rewards.

This Is A Global Event That Needs Everyone's Cooperation

The global link event of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" has already started on Nov. 29. All interested players are encouraged to join the objective of collecting a massive 100 million Pokemon until the deadline on Dec. 13. Their participation will be coursed through a new feature of the video game called "Pokemon Global Link."

An announcement from the Pokemon Company encourages players to combine their efforts in this global mission. The latest feature of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is called Pokemon Global Link. This mission is for just a limited time and every player is encouraged to try his best to achieve the objective.

Not Everyone Is Expected To Catch 100 Million Pokemon

Not everyone who joins the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is expected to catch 100 million Pokemon. But the company wants trainers to just do what they can to add up to the total number of catch. If everyone will do his best, the objective will be achieved.

How To Join The Pokemon Global Link

It is rather easy to join the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" global link event. Each player or trainer should register their own copy of the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" online. After doing that, they need to turn the "game sync" on. They need to do this before the deadline so that whatever number of Pokemon they capture will be added to the total number.

What Will Be The Rewards?

The announcement from the company said, "If everyone combines their efforts to catch 100 million Pokemon between November 29 and December 13, 2016, each participant will receive 1,000 Festival Coins as a reward." But if the objective is not achieved, players who were able to catch Pokemons will get 100 Festival coins as their participation reward.

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