'Final Fantasy 15' Latest News & Update: Crown Update Now Ready, What We Know So Far!

By Carrie Winters - 30 Nov '16 06:20AM

Square Enix has revealed a one day patch for "Final Fantasy 15." This latest patch is called the 'Crown Update.'

This latest update for "Final Fantasy 15" includes new abilities. Players can also get a better view for the health of the character because the range of the battle screens has been improved. The game has been enhanced to give players a better touch of it.

The "Crown Update" provides players more developments to the game "Final Fantasy 15." There are added battles which are based from the Omen trailer. 'Shift (Wrap) Drop Kick' is used to equip daggers in the game as the players move along. If the players need to get more Elemental Magic Activation, the 'Backward Shift (Wrap) Magic' can be used.

There are also other updates included in the new patch. Players can take advantage of the Infinite Sprint Feature for "Final Fantasy 15." It is indicated that sprinting may be limited in the game because of the stamina. This feature will enhance this ability so for a longer energy time.

Another tip to go on with the game with more ability is to visit all diners in it. This will let the players locate other important points found on the world map. Having a quick stop per diner may be helpful in achieving the goal for players in "Final Fantasy 15."

This new patch which is already active for PS4 for the game "Final Fantasy 15" will give players a feel of a more improved gaming experience. The patch has various bug fixes and deeper game mechanics. It also includes new cutscene and cutscene adjustments.

Players can download a 16GB+ patch since this new patch comes with the 8GB. In one day players can already download this new patch to enjoy the full game right after. "Final Fantasy 15" has already arrived and is well developed after several years.

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