Nintendo Mini NES Classic Stock Update; Alternative NES Cartridge Console Invention; Mini NES Classic Threatens Nintendo Switch Launch?!

By Jayde Winston - 30 Nov '16 09:08AM

The demand of Nintendo Mini NES Classic Edition is pretty intense, fans are doing all means to have their hands on the retro gaming console. Since stocks are as of the moment at zero percent, a creative way to run vintage games are on the rise.

Previously, News Every Day reported a way for shoppers to track Nintendo Mini NES Classic and Nintendo 3DS product availability. But as of the moment, eBay is the only shopping site which has the product but in an incredibly higher price. Furthermore, Nintendo had promised that stocks will be available in the next coming days until the end of the holidays.

Meanwhile, desperate Mini NES Classic hunters have created a new and alternative way to enjoy vintage games brought by the Mini NES Classic console. According to a report from howchoo, a new device called Pi Cart which includes over 2,400 vintage games running into an NES cartridge.

The Pi Cart works like the Mini NES Classic console. The base platform is from Raspberry Pi Zero, and the advantage of this is much cheaper than the Mini NES Classic console. The website also showed Do-it-yourself step by step procedure on how to create your own Pi Cart console.

Also, Nintendo Mini NES causes a threat to Nintendo Switch launch due to the high demand it gets from the past weeks. Forbes has shared their sentiments towards the upscaling demands of Nintendo Mini NES console, and the possibility of overshadowing the most awaited release of Nintendo Switch.

But, fans are optimistic about Nintendo, Forbes even labeled the company "the hottest brand in the holiday season." In so many reasons, the company strives to meet consumers demands. Recently, Nintendo announced that they "will be a steady flow of additional systems through the holiday shopping season and into the new year."

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