'Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Tip: How to Get Free Items and Secret Bonus in the Game

By Mara T - 30 Nov '16 05:02AM

One of the reasons why "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is a great game is because there are so many free items and bonuses lurking around every place. If players just know where to look, it's like they almost don't need to buy Poke balls and healing items as it can all come for free. So to help players find all these freebies, here are the exact locations and instances where to get them.

Free items while walking around

As players explore every route and location in "Pokemon Sun and Moon", players must be observant of their surroundings as more often than not, there are Poke Balls and healing items on the ground. Healing items include awakenings and antidotes which are some of the most used items in the game.

Drink at the Pokemon Center Café

Not many may have noticed but drinking at the Café inside the outskirts of Hau'oli will get the player a free healing item in "Pokemon Sun and Moon". The best thing about it is it's not a one-time bonus as players can come back every single day to claim their freebie each time they buy.

Buy Poke Balls in Bulk

Unbeknownst to many, the catch rate of a Poke Ball is almost the same with a Premier Ball. In addition, if players buy Poke Balls by 10 pieces on each purchase, they get an extra Premier Ball for free. That's a lot of money saved in the long run.

Talk to Everyone

Talking to everyone in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" can be a lazy task for most players but many of the game's hidden quest or hard to find items are received through them. Although most of them will ask something in return, most of them are pretty easy to accomplish like just by showing them a specific Pokedex entry.

Take Advantage of Pokemon Refresh

Another tedious task to do in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is to use Pokemon Refresh to increase the Pokemon's happiness level. It's a repetitive task that never ends but when done as often as possible will be very rewarding in battles. A Pokemon with high happiness level from Pokemon Refresh will have an experience bonus and level up faster in the long run.

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