'Pokemon Sun and Moon': How to Find All 8 Eevee Trainers And Get Eevium Z

By Mara T - 30 Nov '16 05:05AM

One of the best thing about "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is there's still so many quests to do even after being the champion of the Alola Region. This includes unlocking the quest to go on a battle against eighth Eevee evolution NPC trainers that is rewarded with Eevium Z upon completion. Now finding all eight trainers are not easy but this guide provides all their exact location so players can quickly get their hands on the Eevee exclusive move.

Players must first head back to Akala Island and visit Thrifty Megamart in Royal Avenue to accept the mission. Just speak with the man behind the register and he should quickly send the player on a mission to find all eight trainers. He gives a few clues but not the exact location.

Eevee Trainers in Melemele Island

First in the list is the Vaporeon Trainer located in the Trainer School in Melemele Island in "Pokemon Sun and Moon". The trainer is the woman on the third floor standing on the right side of the stairs. Next players should head to Hau'oli Cemetery and look for a man in the northwest part of the graveyard. And then go to Iki Town on the west part and go inside the house standing on an elevated platform. The woman in the kitchen is the person to look for.

Eevee Trainers in Akala Island

The next location to visit is Akala Island's Tide Song Hotel, players need to look for an old man in jumpsuit located in the back of the main hotel in "Pokemon Sun and Moon". The next trainer is a woman in a bikini in Hanu Beach who usually hang out in the northern corner of the area under an umbrella.

Eevee Trainers in Ula'ula Island and Poni Island

Head to Ula'ula Island and make a stop at Malie Community Center to find a woman watching TV. Talk to her to initiate the battle. Then go inside the Geothermal Power Plant and find the old man sitting in the visitor center area. The last stop would be Poni Island's Seafolk Village where a kid should be standing next to the Steelix houseboat in "Pokemon Sun and Moon".

Eevium Z

After defeating all trainers, go back to the Veteran Trainer that's working in Thrifty Megamart to receive the Eevium Z. This Z-crystal allows Eevee to transform its skills Last Resort into a powerful Z-Move in "Pokemon Sun and Moon".


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