'No Man's Sky' Guide: How to Build a Base

By Mara T - 30 Nov '16 05:03AM

The latest patch of "No Man's Sky", the Foundation Update, now allows players to build their own base and have their own home in the game. However, the process of building a base in the game is not like any other game. So in this guide, players will learn just how to do that.

Getting Started

Building a base in "No Man's Sky" is unlike other games that allow the player to create a place and start customizing it. In this game, players will have to find an abandoned base and that will be their home. Just scan the planets in the system and it will show the place a player can own. Once the player has picked a place, the player must head to the planet and access the computer to own it. Once owned, the place is now owned and players can start building their base.

Let the Construction Begin

The game allows players to construct their own base in any way that they want it. However, it may have different rules depending on what mode the user will play. For instance, playing in survival or normal mode requires the player to have enough resources before building anything while creative mode allows the player to do absolutely anything they want.

To start the construction, players just need to press UP for PS4 players while PC players should see a prompt that will start the process. Build menu should be open as soon as construction is ready and players will find numerous options to do like Containers, Cuboid Rooms, Farming, Tech, Decorations, Specialist Terminals and a lot more. Players will also have the choice to add parts of a room like windows, ladders, doors, and a lot more. Players can also just choose the items they need and use the "No Man's Sky's auto-snap construction system to do the work.


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