Check Out the Summary for the Upcoming Digimon Adventure Tri Film!

By Danica Arkwright - 30 Nov '16 09:06AM

Digimon Adventure Tri's website revealed the plot summary of the next film of the series. Titled "Digimon Adventure Tri: Soshitsu (Loss)", the film is scheduled for release on February 25.

The story summary was revealed in the Digimon Adventure tri's official website last Friday. It contains spoilers from the previously released episode of the series.

Warning! Spoilers ahead.

The summary tells what happened after the Reboot of the Digital World commenced in order to save the infected Digimon. The eight chosen children all traveled back to the Digital World after the reboot. There, they meet their Digimon partners with all of them have no memories of their previous adventures.

Meicoomon appeared to the group with her memories intact. She searches for her human partner, Meiko. Seeing Meicoomon created a resolve to Taichi and others travel the Digital World in order to save Meicoomon.

Digimon Adventure tri is a project in celebration of the fifteenth anniversary of Digimon Adventure. Digimon Adventure tri will have a total of six films. Digimon Adventure tri is set years after the events of the Digimon Adventure series, with Taichi and the others in high school. The film also tackled on new evolutions of the Digimon, pertaining to the final form of their evolution line.

Crunchyroll is currently streaming the third installment of the series while the first film received a theatrical release in the United States last September 15. So far, there are three films released. "Reunion" was released on November 21, 2015. "Determination" was released March and latest installment, "Confession", was released last September this year.

Digimon Adventure tri: Loss is scheduled for release on February 25. Earlier this month, a mysterious countdown appeared on its official website. The countdown will expire on January 6,2017. No further information about it has been revealed. Fans can check out Digimon Adventure tri's episodes right here.

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