Nintendo Switch To Have Hands-On Event In January

By Luna Curtis - 30 Nov '16 05:10AM

Nintendo Switch fans rejoice as the console-handheld hybrid will be allowed to be touched and be played for the first time at a Nintendo event, a private one, in New York on Jan. 13. Hands-on sessions, which excite a lot of anticipating fans, with the upcoming gaming device will take place for 5 hours. The event will be after the Nintendo Switch presentation scheduled on Jan. 12, now dubbed as Tokyo Webcast.

Details are still coming and currently limited, time and location aren't revealed yet but the 5-hour duration is confirmed, as reported. As of this writing, Nintendo plans to 'further emphasize' some of the Nintendo Switch's details during the Tokyo Webcast. The event is said to be held live for investors and the media.

Nintendo previously stated that they will present the price and exact release date for the Nintendo Switch. This will be the first 2 items of interest for fans and investors alike. The date was previously reported to be March 2017. On top of that, Nintendo plans to show Nintendo Switch games lineup. This will be pretty exciting for Nintendo fans and gamers in general.

Video games such as "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim," "Splatoon," "Mario Kart," "NBA," a new Mario platformer were already shown on the video reveal for the Nintendo Switch. Details on the said games are expected to be discussed over Tokyo Webcast on Jan. 12 and demos for it are also being looked forward to the following day.

It is important to note that none of these games are officially announced, they only appeared on the reveal trailer so it's a possibility that some of them may not push through. Regardless, people are still interested in about the intriguing console-handheld hybrid that is Nintendo Switch. Readers can drop their thoughts on the comments section below.

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