‘Final Fantasy XV’ Cleared In 10 Hours; Pointers On How To Play The New Square Enix Game

By Shor M - 30 Nov '16 05:00AM

“Final Fantasy XV” was just released on Nov. 29 to stores worldwide. Avid fans and players of the Final Fantasy series have waited ten years for this day to come. With just no more than 40 hours since its release, it has been revealed that some players have already cleared the game.

Apparently, someone in Japan who goes by the name Kyosuke as revealed through his Twitter account has cleared “Final Fantasy XV” in just 13 hours and 57 minutes and he might just be the first one to do it. He supported this claim by uploaded a screenshot of the ending credits of the game as well. He pointed out that he watched all the cutscenes of the game that he incurred 45 minutes more gameplay time because of an in-game bug. Another player has just claimed that he finished the game within 10 hours and posted the certificate of completion one acquires in the game.

Though many are trying hard to finish the game quickly probably because to prove how fast they can clear it, some have pointed out that waiting for the video game all these years just to finish it in hours was absurd. Here are some pointers to take note of when playing “Final Fantasy XV” and to make the most out of the game. People have waited a decade for this game and it would be a waste to miss out on things especially a challenge role-playing game such as this one.

Skipping the boring tutorial sounds feasible as the early side quests can be a better training ground. But do not skip on the side quests though as like any other Final Fantasy games, there are always good rewards that can be used during the progression of the game. Make sure to interact with every restaurant in the place (the one that appears with fork and knife icon) because this can help with gathering helpful information. Speaking of gathering, make sure to check out and buy every Final Fantasy CD in every town to add to the game’s music collection.

As for combat, focus on getting Ignis’s Regroup ability as well as gaining abilities that grant ability points (AP) since this will be crucial in the playing the game smoothly. Aside from that, be wary of the weapons that characters use and make sure to master the art of blocking during fights. Just like in “Final Fantasy XIII”, take note of the time as it can get tougher at nightfall.

Don’t forget to pick up things such as the rusted bits because though they’re cheap, they actually upgrade weapons. Remember to drop by every camps and inn scattered all over the map as characters may level up through these places. Lastly, play the game as long as possible, savor the scenery and make sure to complete the game, not just clearing it for the sake of it finishing it.

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