'Reset App' To Be Featured On Windows 10 Mobile

By Zeus Labrador - 30 Nov '16 04:00AM

Though Microsoft has just been warming up with the development of Windows 10 Mobile, the software giant is now planning to introduce a much-anticipated and useful feature. The feature has already been on desktop operating systems for a while now.

Windows 10 mobile users who have to reinstall applications from the app store if they stop working or have frequent crashes will have a better experience when this feature will roll out. The Redmond giant is going to launch a 'Reset App' feature which can be accessed in the settings mobile devices running under Windows 10.

This new feature will be made available to users via the Creators Update rolling out soon. The said update highly lays focus on designers, artists, and creative users. Adding this capability was first discovered by an Italian blogger: Aggiornamenti Lumia, who managed to check out on an unreleased build of Windows 10 Mobile that came from an insider.

The said functionality will allow the mobile user to reset all data stored by apps and return them to an original, making it think that it is in a freshly installed state. Using this feature, users will no longer need to perform tiresome steps of reinstalling apps.

The said 'Reset' feature will appear on the Advanced app options within the Settings menu, a report says. Once the option is tapped, a pop-up confirming the decision is also offered to make sure that the deletion of app data is intentional. If the user chooses to continue, all data for to the particular app will be removed and a fresh app will now be ready to use. This feature will be made available to mobile Insiders during the next update along with other features and fixes.

Windows 10 Mobile OS is currently in the red when it comes to survivability among today's mobile market. Hope is raised when The Redmond giant is reported to be working on a project about x86 emulation for ARM-based devices. This will further enhance the Continuum technology. In summary, this will enable users to link peripherals and run Windows32 applications via Windows 10 Mobile devices.

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