'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Tips: How To Get Munchlax, Snorlium Z Via Mystery Gift

By Luna Curtis - 30 Nov '16 04:00AM

For Pokemon franchise followers, Snorlax is one of the most popular and highly sought-after Pokemon. This big guy is known for its super chill attitude that it literally sleeps anywhere at almost any time. But then again, don't underestimate it! For those who have just bought Pokemon Sun and Moon, Snorlax's baby form known as Munchlax is definitely one Pokemon that should be in your top to-get list.

Meet Munchlax in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Munchlax, according to Pokemon Sun and Moon official website, is known as the big eater which is able to wolf down food without even chewing. Sometimes, Munchlax hides food under its fur and forgets about them. And since it's known as the Big Eater Pokemon, it will eat almost anything. If the trainer's friendship with Munchlax is high enough, it will then evolve into Snorlax or the Sleeping Pokemon.

Snorlium Z, by the way, is a special item and when Snorlax holds it, it will be able to use Pulverizing Pancake which is a special Z-move that no other Pokemon can use.

How to catch Munchlax in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon trainers can get Munchlax and Snorlium Z via Mystery Gift. Additionally, early buyers of either of the Pokemon games can also get Baby Snorlax as long as they buy by Jan. 11.

Now to get Munchlax and Snorlium Z, go to the main menu of Pokemon Sun and Moon and look for your save file, Mystery Gift and Live Competition. Open Mystery Gift and click on Receive Gift option and Get via the internet. Choose "Munchlax and Snorlium Z for you!" to download the Pokemon and Snorlium Z.

At this time, you can opt for "Check the Card Album" to check if you actually received the gift. If in case you don't see it right away on the first page, don't fret, it's on a different one. Next, go to the nearest Pokemon Center and find a delivery man in a yellow shirt with blue stripes paired with blue shorts. Talk to the man and he'll give you Munchlax and Snorlium Z.

Remember, you have to have a free slot to receive Munchlax in Pokemon Sun and Moon. But don't worry, the delivery man won't go anywhere until you finally free up a slot to receive the Pokemon. Congratulations! You finally received Munchlax with Snorlium Z! And this is not some typical Munchlax by the way, this one knows Hold Back and Happy Hour moves which are pretty rare.

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