‘Pokémon Go’ December Update And News: What To Expect New In The Game, New Pokemon, Trading System?

By Jeff Thompson - 30 Nov '16 05:00AM

It is reported that "Pokémon Go" December update is coming with new 100 Pokemon and a new trading system to help the gamers. The December update is expected to be the 2nd gen update which has been circulating in the rumor mill for long. The new update is expected to bring back the dormant Pokémon Go gamers back into the game, as the developer, Niantic wants more traffic into the game.

The Pokémon Go would also feature player-vs-player battles in the update, a special type of Pokemon called baby Pokemon and double XP points. The Thanksgiving event for the game featured double XP points for the gamers. But, this time it is permanently being introduced in the game. Additionally, the update may introduce daily bonus system into the game similar to Thanksgiving event.

One of the most downloaded mobile games ever has been facing issues of less user engagement in the recent months considering there is no major innovation in recently and initial freshness lost. The game which is released on July has already got more than 500 million downloads worldwide, shows its popularity and reach. Now, the situation is that initial fascination got over and the developer has to work really well to make gamers engaged.

In the recent weeks, the developer of Pokémon Go has introduced new options and features in the game. Some of them can be noted as Ditto, a special monster, Halloween and Thanksgiving events with changes in CP. The Halloween and Thanksgiving events found to be highly successful and helped the developer to understand what is needed by the gamers.

There are unconfirmed news reports that Pokémon Go December update has already been issued to the gamers but the code is not activated. In December first week or second-week users might start getting the update or being it activated and it can be with or without any official confirmation considering it is free mobile game.

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