'Once Upon A Time' Spoilers & Updates: Episode 9 Recap, Belle's Decision & Who Is Rumple's Mother?

By Leby Nightray - 30 Nov '16 05:00AM

"Once Upon A Time" a fairy tale title that turned grim. The turn of events, the concealing of some events and more are turning the heads of the viewers to look at the side of Rumple. The good and the bad side of the characters in the show was slowly turning crystal clear.

"Once Upon A Time" Season 6 Episode 9 entitled 'Changelings' had some sort of sad and interesting scenes. It was commented that Robert Carlyle, better known to all as Rumple, was so good and whatever scene he's in and whatever he looks like he seems to make it his own, unlike the story of Snow and Charming which  kind of fell apart.

Rumple of "Once Upon A Time" seems to be the only focus of the show that is still keeping it all together with its Black Fairy plot, Rumple's past and the baby. The other part of the story are slowly running to a dead end but who can blame them, there is character overload in some parts.

Now that "Once Upon A Time" viewers started being fully interested with Rumple's story here are some important facts. Rumple had stolen a baby to lure the Black Fairy played by Jaime Murray. The reason for this is for him to know why she left him, as she is his mother. Sadly the reason was simple choosing power over love, that definitely stings.

Belle played by Emilie de Ravin, enlisted her child to be taken far away which means that Rumple had lost another son again. Her decision to send their son was a sacrifice on her part, to protect her son from Rumple's future decision, and to change their son's destiny away from Rumple's.

The "Once Upon A Time" events had some similarities though - that almost all of the characters were abandoned by their parents.  The show looks like a family issue drama but with added magic. Despite all this, some may be excited as next week, Emma in a princess dress and it means something nice is up.

"Once Upon A Time" will air its next episode this coming Sunday. For those who loves the story of Rumple and Belle which is Beauty and the Beast, surely some of the viewers are waiting for Emma Watson's "Beauty and the Beast". 

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