'Westworld' Actress Evan Rachel Woods Reveals She Was Raped Twice; Opens Up How Being Bisexual Is Hard For Her

By Abe Narra - 30 Nov '16 05:00AM

The "Westworld" star said that she was physically, psychologically, and sexually abused by her former boyfriend and an owner of a bar on both separate occasions. At first, she barred details about it but she emailed the magazine the day after the US presidential elections result.

The 29-year-old actor who was first known to the public for her movie "Thirteen" said she cannot be silent any longer because the world is full of bigotry and sexism. She said opening up could help other victims to share their story and spread awareness.

Woods also opened up how she thinks that being vulnerable was tied to her sexual orientation. She came out to the public as bisexual last 2011 and admitted that she was already attracted to woman by the young age of four or five.

Even if it helped and made her free, she believed that she would be embraced more by the LGBT community if she came out as a lesbian. Her problem with coming out is that people think bisexuality is just a phase.

She said bisexuality damaged her chances of having healthy relationships because of all the shaming and conditioning and stereotypes about how morality and sexuality plays with each other. Currently, she refers herself as gender-fluid.

Today, she said she does not mind the criticisms she gets for being bisexual because she is focused now on her son, on whom she shared with ex-husband and actor Jamie Bell. She also said that she feels comfortable as bisexual than forcing herself to be either straight or lesbian.

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