'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Tips: How To Get Salamence Early In The Game

By Luna Curtis - 30 Nov '16 03:00AM

Barely two weeks from their release, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" have proven to be must-play titles not only for those who have been following the Pokemon game franchise but also for those looking for a fun, challenging and immersive RPG adventure gameplay. Having just bagged the title for "Nintendo's biggest UK launch of all time", "Pokemon Sun and Moon" games clearly proved that they are raking in more sales.

For "Pokemon Sun and Moon" players, it's a race to be able to catch 'em all Pokemon and that includes high-level ones. One Pokemon that they can get early in the game is Salamence. Here are some steps to capturing Salamence even on the very first island where their "Pokemon Sun and Moon" adventure begins.

Meet Salamence in "Pokemon Sun and Moon"

Salamence is known as the Dragon Pokemon and it is actually the final form of Bagon, a Rock Head Pokemon. The draconic Pokemon flies around its wings and gushes out hot flames when happy thus burning the fields as it crosses over. When it's mad, it "becomes uncontrollable and destroys everything in its path".

How To Get Salamence Early in "Pokemon Sun and Moon"

First, a trainer needs to complete the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" first island trial by defeating Totem Gumshoos. After which, seek out Bagon so one can unlock the SOS or the ally-calling mechanic. Now, get an Adrenaline Orb which will increase the chances for a wild Pokemon to appear but before that, make sure that Mallow's Trial on Akala Island (second island) has been completed.

Once the Trial has been finished, buy the needed Adrenaline Orb at Heahea City, Konikoni City, Hau'oli City, Pokemon League, Seafolk Village, Malie City, Royal Avenue, Paniola Town or at Tapu Village. Now, stock Revives such as Potions, Super Potions and even Berries, Elixirs and Ethers to replenish PP.

Look For Bagon in Melemele Island in "Pokemon Sun and Moon"

Next, go to Pokemon Sun and Moon Melemele Island's Route 3 and find the wooden bridge. Once there, cross the bridge and look for the very first patch of grass on the right. This is where Bagon Pokemon can be found. Once Bagon appears, use the Adrenaline Orb and make sure to lower its health so it will call for help. Eventually, a Salamence will appear to come for its rescue. Then, capture it!

Note that this method in capturing Salamence in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" requires enough patience so don't get frustrated easily as it may take time for the evolved form of Bagon to appear. So good luck in catching 'em all and becoming the very best!

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