New Spin-off '24:Legacy' Cast, News & Updates: Former Fox Chair Reveals '24' Was Almost Unaired

By Abe Narra - 29 Nov '16 22:11PM

Serial drama hit show "24" will always be remembered as the show that made Kiefer Sutherland an American household name, with his character Jack Bauer countering terrorism plots against US. With numerous accolades, a television film, and an upcoming spin-off on February 5, did fans know that 24 was also cut by Fox?

With the show premiered exactly 15 years ago, Sandy Grushow, former chairman of Fox Television Entertainment Group, talked to The Wrap and discussed how "24" was shot. Concerns not only about the financial expenses but also the theme after the horrendous 9/11 attack was a risk Fox took.

Despite calling it "tremendous", Grushow said the show is a huge financial risk for Fox since serial drama shows tend not to repeat for networks and it was that time when it is harder to organize. In fact, the role of Bauer also went on a struggle.

Even though they think that Sutherland is the perfect fit, Grushow admitted that she was skeptic at first since at that time, Sutherland's career, for her, has already peaked. Ultimately, Grushow agreed that Sutherland would fit for the role.

For the show to be watched by the people, she said that they spent huge amount of marketing and optimism on its premiere in November. Fortunately for Grushaw, the buzz went to the audience. Described as the most talked-about new show in the broadcast television, Grushaw is ecstatic.

She was scared that people would be frantic to watch the series specially the wounds of 9/11 is still fresh to most Americans. The ratings at first did not really live up to Grushaw's expectations but time comes and they are the number one show in the US.

The show skyrocketed in the TV competitions and it even beat American Idol on the ratings. The show also helped the TV DVD market, adding more source of money for the show.

And history show that "24" was a favorite American show by winning fans and awards, particularly the Best Drama Series at the Golden Globes and Emmy Awards. The show also spanned 192 episodes, making it the longest-running counterterrorism-themed drama show ever.

The spin-off called 24: Legacy will have its premiere on February 5 after Superbowl.

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