Japanese Skating Rink Freezes 5,000 Fishes!

By Joyce Vega - 29 Nov '16 23:21PM

About 25 different species of fish were frozen in western Japan for a 250-metre-long skating rink on November 12. But not long after the opening, the amusement park was forced to close after facing fierce criticism on social media. Ice skating is fun. It's the best place to spend the winter season with your kids, family or friends, but what happens when things go out of control?

According to ABC, in western Japan, about 25 different species were frozen in order to make a 250-metre-long skating rink. Would you skate knowing that 5000 died for that rink for people to have fun? The Japanese broadcaster showed the flood under which the fishes were frozen so it would look like they are swimming under the ice. Space world's general manager, Toshimi Takeda said they received a lot of critical messages on social media, some of them condemning the concept as abusing living things.

According to Mr. Takeda, the fishes were supposed to give the ocean effect on the rink and that the amusement park is extremely remorseful for causing those feelings. Space World said the fishes were purchased from fish market and were dead before putting them in the skating rink. The amusement park plans to organize a memorial services for the fishes when once they remove them from the rink.

Fox News reports that after opening of the 250-meter-long rink, people used the social media to complain with some calling it "tasteless" and "sinful". Koji Shibata, Space World's spokesman said they receive critical voices saying it's bad to let food go to waste. He also said they had a discussion over the morality of the idea, but everything was set up.

According to Yahoo, a lot of people wrote about this issue and the skating rink is now closed, but it will take weeks to melt it.

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