'Stranger Things' Christmas Themed Inspired Animation Film; 'Christian Aid' Hopes to Raise Money For Victims of Displacement

By Abe Narra - 29 Nov '16 21:20PM

Relief and development agency Christian Aid released a movie that would make the fans of "Stranger Things" ecstatic about the tribute and would touch their hearts because of the ongoing conflict and disasters this Christmas.

A "Stranger Christmas Story", a short stop-frame animation film inspired by the hit Netflix TV series is directed by Rebeca Gower. Instead of bizarre things going around the small town in Indiana, the Stranger Things-inspired show will pay homage to the Nativity.

The show would also show the 65 million people who are not having their merry Christmas because of their displacement by disasters and conflicts.

The characters in the stop-frame animation would be based from the characters in "Stranger Things". The Christmas lights used in the story would be the center of the story and would be used for the Christmas story mash-up that would highlight the charity's Christmas appeal called Light the Way.

Christian Aid hope their appeal could offer a beacon of hope for the people who have left their homes for their own safety.

The short film shows the journey of three wise boys and their special gifts to use in search for a boy who fled his home. The boy alludes to Will Byers, Baby Jesus and the millions of displaced people who won't spend their Christmas on their homes.

In their journey, the boys are guided with a message from an angelic young girl who knows where they can find the boy.

Christian Aid Multimedia Communications Manager Emma Wigley said that they want to use contemporary shows to bring their advocacy to the public and draw attention to the current global displacement crisis. She said the short film is a unique way to showcase their Christmas appeal.

With the ongoing violence in South Sudan, Congo, Afghanistan and Nigeria, it has resulted to desperate actions to move out from their country and find a safe place. Some of them still stay within their country although some went to neighboring country and some went to Europe seeking for safety.

With just £5, it could be very helpful as it can give a set of clothes to a person fleeing violence, £11 could supply a week's worth of hygiene materials to a family of five who fled from Serbia, and £50 could provide seeds and farming tools to help a family from Congo to grow food to feed themselves.

So while fans are still waiting for the season two of "Stranger Things", maybe they can give their attention too on this charitable Stranger Things-inspired short animated film.

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