Time Travel Is Possible: Scientists Suggest Parallel Universe Is For Real

By Erika Ivene - 30 Nov '16 08:32AM

If this new theory about time travel turns out to be true, then parallel universes exist in real life and not only in science fictions. A team of scientists came up with a mind-boggling hypothesis that parallel dimensions exist and these could be used in travelling through time.

According to the DailyStar report, the scientists called their theory, the "Many-Interacting Worlds." And in these interacting worlds, the universe that the Earth is a part of was just one out of many. However, these worlds differ in realities and timelines, but some of them may be closely similar to that of Earth's.

These multiverses are being thoroughly studied at the Griffith University's Center for Quantum Dynamics and the University of California. The researchers are currently focusing on how and where these worlds coexist and affect each other and how they could meet, reports The Express.

In the theory, each universe expands into additional other universes after every quantum measurement. As believed by the scientists specializing in this theory, their approach is flexible to both the Newtonian and Quantum mechanics.

The whole theory, itself, offers conflicting theories within. Since the Newton's theory is distinctly different from the quantum theory. However, whatever is predicted between these two theories came elsewhere and not from any of them.

While the study is further tracking how to distinguish the exit to the other worlds, the study still firmly suggests that a possibility of transferring from one dimension to another is highly possible. It's only a matter of when and where these worlds will "bump to each other" and when that happens right before the researchers' observation, then the formula for time traveling will automatically follow.

Should the entrance to the other worlds be seen, the scientists are open to traverse the exits to further acquire knowledge about them. However, as early as now, no firm information yet is released regarding the connection of the multiverses.

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