‘The Great Wall’: The ‘Bourne Identity’ International Star, Matt Damon, Joins ‘Narcos’' Pedro Pascal In An Epic Battle Set In The Great Wall Of China

By Lester Mondragon - 30 Nov '16 07:40AM

"The Great Wall" is a fantastic sci-fi movie that will capture viewers from all over the world. The producers and writers of the "The Great Wall" made this creation so beautiful and scenic. "The Great Wall" has a budget of $135 million to complete the movie, so as to be at par with the best films in Hollywood.

"The Great Wall" is the first English Language, Chinese Movie to be directed by Zhang Yimou, Director of House of Flying Daggers. The film was conceptualized by "Legendary Films" CEO Thomas Tull, and conceiving the idea with World War Z writer, Mat Brooks. For excellent visual effects, the entity brought in Industrial Light and Magic. Wetta Workshop will bring the authenticity of practical effects like weapons, costumes, and props, giving life to characters resembling the likes of Blockbuster Hollywood Movies.

The storyline of "The Great Wall" begins when two foreign mercenaries were wrongfully imprisoned inside the Wall of China 1,000 years ago. The main characters, mercenary fighters William Garin (Matt Damon) and Peru Tovar (Pedro Pascal) witnessed the historical event when creeping monsters rise up to the earth's surface. The greedy abominations come up every 60 years to feed and their egress is right in front of "The Great Wall". Here, the Chinese soldiers bravely defend their territory from the "Taotie", Chinese mythological monsters from the underworld, according to a write-up from Movie Insider.

"The Great Wall" will hit the big screens in China on December 16, 2016. It will be released in the United States of America on February 17, 2017.

However, with its successful filming and production, there were certain issues raised by critics of the film. One of them is the presence of a westerner in medieval China. Another is why was Matt Damon's part not played by a Chinese local action star. Reports of a protest of rewriting Chinese History is also one. One accusation is depicting a colonial Hero setting.

But Director Zhang Yimou is fast to defend the film's detractors, saying that the original script does not recommend a Chinese playing the role.

"The Great Wall" is the greatest movie filmed and produced in China, from a report in The Guardian.

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