The "Flash" Season 3 Episode 8 Spoiler Alert: "Killer Frost" Is Born; Central City Attacked by Aliens; Watch Supergirl and The Legends Joined Forces With The Flash

By Carl Anthony - 29 Nov '16 22:36PM

Central City is attacked by aliens! Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) gathered the best team ever which includes the "Green Arrow" (guest star Stephen Amell), "Supergirl" (guest star Melissa Benoist), and the "Legends" to stop the alien invasion. The team needs to come up with a plan to defeat the aliens called by Dominator.

The "Flash" Season 3 Episode 8 is the much-awaited episode by the fans since it will not only feature the three teams joined forces, but it will show how "Killer Frost"(Caitlin) will be born. We do not know yet how bad her damaging character will turn into since Caitlin does not yet fully turn into the evil villain that lives inside her body.

Meanwhile, "The Flash" Season 3 episode 8 spoilers shows that the joined forces of The Flash and Green Arrow are not strong enough to defeat the invaders. So they came up with the Plan to track down and ask help from the heroes from the "Legends of Tomorrow."

All fans are excited to see their favorite characters, teamed up in a 4-night crossover. But even though the three teams combined, it is still unclear how the superheroes can figure out stopping the Dominators from using their mind control capabilities. But it's not only that they will be worried, the aliens are also armed with  technologically advanced weapons which would make them almost impossible to defeat.

Heroes won't figure yet a definite plan to defeat the aliens until the final night of the crossover event. In addition to that, it was revealed in "The Flash" Season 3 episode 8 the heroes ended up with the lack of trust to each other and will affect how the team will be able to defeat the Dominators. Wally (The Kid Flash) will also be entering the team for an extra help.

The episode has been titled "Invasion" and will be put on view on The CW network on Nov. 29, 2016.


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