Nintendo NES Classic For $4,900 to $88,000? Scalpers And Resellers on eBay and Craigslist Demanding High Prices For The NES Mini

By Tony Park - 29 Nov '16 19:01PM

Due to continued low supply and high demand, the resale price of the Nintendo NES Classic Edition has gone up to hundreds and thousands of dollars. This was confirmed by YouTube user AlphaOmegaSin who cited eBay, Amazon, and Craiglist as the online platforms where the NES Mini are commanding astronomic price tags.

AlphaOmegaSin went ballistic on his YouTube channel and criticized resellers of the NES Classic for enticing consumers to pay more than what an NES and a stack of games should be priced at. He advised gaming fans not to cave into the reselling and just wait for the next batch to be made available.

According to the Mic Network, auction site eBay is selling an NES Classic every 18 seconds on launch day, with resellers making as much as $170 profit from the original $60 price. Most of the NES Mini listed on eBay are priced around $200 but one is listed for $4,900 while another one is at $88,000.

The immediate aftermath price inflation is attributed by Arstechnica to the move of stores like GameStop, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart not to accept pre-orders for the NES Classic Edition. Online retailer Amazon also made a similar decision due to their expected high demand for the NES Mini.

The Nintendo NES Classic console is this year's hottest gadget and is bigger than the combined popularity of PS4 and Xbox One consoles. No doubt about that. The NES Mini has emerged as the only gadget that gaming fans are willing to stand in line to buy this holiday season.

For those who do not have an NES Classic yet, a new stock update is reportedly coming this December. According to News Every Day, a tracker website is also available and dedicated a page for those who are looking for the Nintendo NES Classic Mini. The website provides an update on where units of the NES Mini are available around the world. To access the website, please go here.

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