The Real Reason Why The Walking Dead Airs Slow-Paced Episodes Despite Fans Protest And Its Ratings Dropping

By Ileen Jasmine - 29 Nov '16 22:18PM

For the most part of The Walking Dead's seventh season, the ratings have consistently plummeted down. If this is not enough of a bad news, the show has also been receiving tons of complaints from the fans regarding its slow-paced episodes.

While AMC and The Walking Dead's showrunners do not have to worry about the ratings - it's still the most watched Television show on Sundays - they certainly do need to listen to what their audience tell them.The majority of the show's fanbase have been open about their opinions on The Walking Dead's past few episodes, and most of these opinions are not pretty.

There are several speculations online that suggest this could be the main reason why AMC decided to show clips for The Walking Dead season 7 episode 7 & 8 as the latest teaser instead of showing another clip from Episode 6. The 6th episode consists mostly of Tara & Heath's storyline as they set out to scavenge supplies for their group.

However, what some fans and critics fail to see is that these "slow-paced" and "boring" episodes are actually good for the show. It is a given fact that The Walking Dead is not only a show about killing the undead, or killing the bad guys. The show thrives on its characters.

This means that slow episodes such as season 7 episode 2-6 are very much needed. This gives fans an inside look to what happens in each of the characters' lives. Thus, making fans feel as if they are part of the character's life.

Without these episodes, it would all just be killing zombies and shooting bad guys on site. Now, that is what would make The Walking Dead "boring", instead of these slow-paced episodes.

Another possible reason why the showrunners made these sequence of episodes as slow as they are is because of the brutality and intensity of The Walking Dead season 7 premiere. Maybe the showrunners are giving fans some time out to get over the controversial premiere.

Fans who have read the comic series The Walking Dead know that war is coming. This means that the All Out War would need several episodes - maybe even an entire half-season of the show. And yes, this means endless tragic character deaths, many homes will be lost, and more beloved characters will be written off the show.

Surely, a sequence of episodes showing what will happen in the war would suffice for these slow episodes. Fans need to pay careful attention to every current episode, as all of these will be important soon enough.

All of these episodes will come together in the right time. Fans just need to invest more patience on the show.

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