Ivanka Trump: The Social Media Reaction On Her Latest Post

By Michael Davis - 29 Nov '16 21:53PM

Ivanka Trump like any other parents in the world is all excited to see their child grow and documenting each moment is a normal thing. The tide flows differently on the incoming presidential daughter as for the second time criticisms flooded her on the Social Media.

Ivanka and husband celebrated their son's eight-month that went since Theodore was born. She said on her Twitter account that she could not believe that it eight months passed and greeted "Happy birthday little teddy bear", as featured in Complex.

Followers were quick to respond that the Presidential daughter could not determine the definition on "monthsary" from Birthday. Although, there are other followers who defended that Ivanka is aware of what she said and it is normal to celebrate each month for a new life's first year in the world.

For the second time in the social media, Ivanka was mocked and insulted by social media enthusiasts. Last week, the controversial conflict of interest arose when Ivanka promoted her fashion brand while appearing before the public on a political function.

From that point, Ivanka decided to separate her personal Twitter account having millions of followers from her business Twitter account. On Australian News, a statement from the Trumps said, "As a private citizen, with full awareness of her heightened visibility, she will broaden her efforts to take a stance on issues of critical importance to American women and families."

It also added that the company aims not political in nature since the beginning. In fact, it will advocate for women and stand towards change.

The Trump adult children called by President-elect Donald Trump in matters of their business. It agreed that while he ran the government as President, his children will take over his business empire. This will be an agreement until the last days of his terms as a resident of the White House, said on Washington Post.

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