'Dragon Ball Super' News, Spoilers & Reviews: Episode 68 Recap, Episode 69 Goku And Arale Battle To Destroy Earth?

By Leby Nightray - 29 Nov '16 18:12PM

The episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" is getting more interesting than ever. The battle scenes caught great attention and the consequences of the battle result can change the course of the anime. The anime will also spread the heat more with the new revelation.

"Dragon Ball Super" Toonami Asia's premiere with English dub will be produced by Bang Zoom! Entertainment. The other regions of the world had also the privilege to watch "Dragon Ball Super" with English Dub by the help of some entertainment companies.

Now the awaited episode 69 of "Dragon Ball Super" will give the viewers some hardcore fight scenes between Arale and Goku. The result of the battle will either cause the destruction of the planet Earth or not. A short review about the "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 68 would clarify some tidbits of the spoiler for the next episode.

The episode 68 of "Dragon Ball Super" had the following important scenes: Bulma continually makes the time machine while keeping it a secret from Beerus and Goku appears and asked Bulma for the radar as he needs to find the dragon balls and revive King Kai. Now for episode 69, "Dragon Ball Super" probably won't walk the serious road.

Arale will be featured in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 69 and her eagerness to fight the strongest man on the planet which is obviously Goku had a certain tone. Although the title of the episode which is "Goku vs Arale! The Earth Comes to an End Due to their Battle!", it looks like it wasn't something that should be taken literally as it was speculated  that the probability of the episode is will be directed to the comedy side of the anime.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 69 sounds exciting and fun, the expectation of this upcoming episode is high as according to a review, the episode 68 of the anime is not that good and it never got really interesting. Despite the not so good reviews, "Dragon Ball Super" is still aiming for the best action scenes which are serious yet light and funny. The next episode is still well-anticipated.

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