Madam Secretary' Season 3 News & Updates; Pres. Conrad Dalton's Tight Race Towards Victory; Will This Be His Last Term?

By Chad Jarvis - 29 Nov '16 18:41PM

 Season 3 Episode 9 of "Madam Secretary" talks about the Mc Cord's conflict that involves their family's foray in politics.

The latest episode, coined as "Snap Back" focused on Israel's retaliating on Iran's alleged military plot against them.  The act has naturally involved the U.N. Council.  However, Israel desired to do the operations solely.  This is where "Madam Secretary" came in the middle of the two disagreeing nations to do some damage control and to prevent the problem from creating further damage.

President Conrad Dalton had a difficult time during the elections. He was fighting neck to neck with the unexpected candidate, the always-congenial Governor Sam Evans.  He also had a hard time with his competition against the re-electionist and radical, Fred Reynolds.  The game plan is simple- the  President must be on top again  However, as expected, the competition becomes tougher.

Evans and Reynolds, takes advantages of the heated issue with Iran and Russia issue to bring down the Dalton Administration and this adds more stress to the mix.  Their purpose is to convince the Congressmen to go against the President.  But of course, the suspense remains as to whether Dalton will reign in the counting.

Meanwhile, Jason, the son of Elizabeth, did not hide his intent on campaigning against his mother's boss.  The youngest McCord son blindly and boldly supported Reynolds, rallying publicly and campaigning for the other Presidential bet. 

This is something that Henry and Elizabeth took seriously. Henry, like any father would, made his son realize his rebellious and boastful act and tried to teach him a lesson. 

Another film highlight is "Madam Secretary's" ability to influence her re-electionist boss to stop a ship boarded by Russians that is suppose to head in Iran. The ship is supposed to help their plans in further expanding their nuke program.  However, the incident took the lives of some Russian sailors. Russians then floated the conspiracy theory.

Election continues to run, and the question is, will Dalton be able to get the second chance from his people?  "Madam Secretary" Season 3 air Sundays 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm on CBS.

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