'Fairy Tail' Chapter 512, 513 Recap & Spoilers: Larcade-Sting Battle, Natsu's Deep Memories Explored

By Ileen Jasmine - 29 Nov '16 21:16PM

Fairy Tail Chapter 512 has been released today, and fans are already looking forward to the next chapter. The 512th chapter of the hit manga series left the fans with a huge cliffhanger, leaving them wanting for more.

Fair warning: this article contains spoilers for both Chapter 512 and 513 of Fairy Tail. Fans are advised to read at their own risk.

Fairy Tail Chapter 512 showed the continuous battle between Larcade and Sting. It was reported that the battle is one of the most epic ones seen in Fairy Tail's history.

Fans who have read the previous chapter knows that Larcade has the upper hand in this battle, making Sting the underdog. Larcade activated his RIP magic since his light tentacles do not affect Sting.

Larcade's spells caused Sting and the Fairy Tail mages to start to slumber. Sting was fortunate enough to get Rouge's help.

At first, Sting was reluctant to get Rouge's help. Despite Sting's objections, Rouge transferred his powers to him. This was one of the major keys to Sting's success.

Another factor for Sting's success was Kagura. Larcade's spell was enough to overpower both Rogue and Sting, despite their best efforts not to fall asleep. Just when both Sting and Rogue were about to fall asleep, Kagura suddenly gained back her consciousness and pushed him into Rogue's shadow.

Slowly, Sting began to regain his powers. He then attacked Larcade. With Kagura and Rogue by his side, Sting used "Rough Silk" against Larcade.

This was the mark of Larcades, defeat. He can be seen lying down on the ground, calling on his father. Zeref, his father, can also be seen mourning.

In the next chapter of Fairy Tail, fans will know more about Anna and Lucy's relationship. Anna Heartfilia lived over 400 years ago, she's a Celestial Spirit Mage.

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