'Sister Wives' Season 8 Premiere, Big Changes In The Lives Of Maddison And Mykelti Brown Revealed Here.

By Chad Jarvis - 29 Nov '16 18:27PM

The iconic family has just started airing the story of their 'open book' lives in "Sister Wives". 

The curtain began with the extra ordinary family being busy for the nitty-gritty preparations of Madison's wedding. The patriarch with four wives, Kody Brown seems to be deeply concerned with allowing alcohol on the wedding. Kody set up booze limitation for the occasion.  Mr. Brown seriously sat with Caleb and Maddie together with the wedding planner for the restrictions.  Other members of the family drink alcohol, while others don't, also Kody's fear is that when the guests become intoxicated and rowdy it might ruin the solemnity ­­­­­­­of the family affair. 

The "Sister Wives" is also seen pulling acts together for the preparation.  They seem to be united on the traditional wedding.  Maddison is Christine's daughter. Christine is Kody's third wife.  Meanwhile, another wedding seems to be on the horizon too.  Mykelti, is seen approaching her Dad, and about to share an important news.  Maddie's sister almost stole the scene as she made an announcement that she is ready to be a wife to her Mexican boyfriend of five months, Antonio 'Tony' Padron. 

Kody, in real shock, paused, and grasped for what to say.  He was blown away with the news of another daughter getting married.  So the "Sister Wives" husband celebrity star and Christine invited the two for a dinner, including all of their children.  Mykelti battled with nervousness as she introduced her finance to the parents.  The two plan to be wed four months from the time of they sat down with.  Kody thinks of something to make them change their plans or that they will not elope in case his answer would not satisfy the young lovers.

Another scene worth noting is Kody and Meri's catching up scene.  The latter, admits having a hard time with their daughter, Mariah after the 'catfishing' issue.  The mother seems to feel that her daughter has started to become disrespectful after the event, to which, Kody completely understood.  The former 'couple' agreed to both undergo counseling for the restoration of their 'relationship'.

Catch for more 'real life' stories of this unconventional family, "Sister Wives", Sundays 8 p.m. on E.T.

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