Nintendo Switch Debut In New York Event - 'Release Date, Game List and Price Details Leaked' Skyrim and The Elder Scroll 6 Still Not Confirmed?

By Jayde Winston - 29 Nov '16 20:57PM

Nintendo Switch will hold a private event on January 13, 2017, to discuss price details and release date. The hybrid console is expected to launch in March 2017 together with new sets of games as shown in the Nintendo Switch footage.

The said event will be a live stream footage straight from the Tokyo Event to New York on January 13th. Parts of the said event will be the discussion of Nintendo Switch specification, release date, and price details. Furthermore, the Nintendo Switch event aims to provide further information about the product to all investors and media according to Polygon.

It was reported that the release date will commence in March 2017. But, no further information towards its release. Meanwhile, a source state that the base price of Nintendo Switch will somehow start from $250. It is based on a Canada retailer store Toys R Us who unintentionally revealed the product's retail cost.

Nintendo Switch launch will definitely open new ways for games on this platform. As of the moment, the confirmed game list information are limited since the platform is not yet been released. It was stated that games such as "The Elder Scrolls 6" and "Skyrim" are not yet confirmed to be part of the Nintendo Switch game list.

Previous reports state that Todd Howard supports Skyrim to be a part of the game list bur Bethesda has not yet confirmed the idea same with The Elder Scroll 6. Although Nintendo Switch has received praises from the Skyrim Director and Bethesda's The Elder Scroll 6, the confirmation being a part of Nintendo Switch Game list is NOT A PRIORITY.

The release of Nintendo Switch is probably one of the most anticipated consoles to date. The hybrid console totally raises the bar for other game developers, and fans are about the witness the real deal.

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