‘PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB’ Restock Plus $60 Off Today!

By Love Marie - 29 Nov '16 18:56PM

The "PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB" released this month is joining the biggest sale of the year. People seem to shop everywhere, and the good news here is almost everything is on sale!

When "PlayStation" store joins the big event they offer huge deals on the products, may it be PS4, PS3, PS VITA, Movies and much more. The deals they offer is through a bonus 10% code and whooping saving up to 70 percent on a variety of items.

"PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB" was offered on Ebay for the Black Friday event for $369.99. This is a good buy, but if ever the third party reseller runs out of stock there are still cheaper options. Target offers the game console "PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB" for as low as $340 last Friday.

In case that you want "PlayStation 4 Pro", today try a good deal $60 off on Amazon plus free shipping. The Cyber Monday deal of "PlayStation Pro" is not announced ahead, shocking news for a lot of gamers who bought a lot of video games last Black Friday. If ever you still have the spare money, better save it for the Christmas holiday sale of "PlayStation".

What can "PlayStation 4 Pro" offer? The "PlayStation 4 Pro" was first launched last November 10. "PlayStation 4 Pro" features enhanced graphics optimized for a to enjoy the 4K output, the player should own a 4K gaming monitor, according to some speculators.

For those who already have a "PlayStation 4 Pro", the best games for the console are "The Last of Us: Left Behind", "The Playroom VR", "Titanfall 2"," Battlefield 1"," Battlezone", "The Last of Us Remastered", "The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition", "The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited" and "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition".

Read here for more games that are optimized for "PlayStation 4 Pro" 

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