Pokemon 20th Anniversary Mystery Event Distribution: Meloetta!

By Danica Arkwright - 29 Nov '16 19:25PM

As part of the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise, Nintendo is giving out mystery gift events to players. For December, it's the Mythical Pokemon, Meloetta.

In order to receive the mythical Pokemon, Meloetta, head over to the Mystery gift tab at the main menu of the game. Select the "Receive Gift" option and "Get Via Internet" to received the event Pokemon. Take note that only one copy of the event Pokemon is allowed per game title. Once received the prompt, head over to the nearest Pokemon Center and speak to the attendant to claim your event Pokemon. 

Meloetta is a Normal and Psychic-type Pokemon. Part of the legendary Pokemon in the Unova region, Meloetta's design is patterned after a music theme. She sports musical notes and staff on her body. The mystery gift Meloetta comes with an ability "Serene Grace" and has a moveset of Round, Confusion and Quick Attack. Meloetta is also known to change forms. Teaching Meloetta the move Relic Song allows her to change from her Aria Forme to her Pirouette forme. Her Pirouette Forme is a Normal and Fighting typing, allowing her to use Fighting-type moves.

Earlier this year, Nintendo announced that as a way of celebrating Pokemon's 20th anniversary, they will be distributing eleven event Pokemon via the Mystery Gift option in Pokemon X/Y and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. These Pokemon are released one per month, starting in February. According to IGN, below are the Pokemon that have been distributed as a way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokemon. Take note that some of them were obtainable via a special code given out to certain Gamestop retailers in North America. The Pokemon that have been distributed are: Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Darkrai, Zygarde, Shiny Xerneas, Shiny Yveltal, Manaphy, Shaymin, Arceus, Victini, Keldeo and Genesect.

Other event Pokemon such as the Legendary Birds, the Legendary Golems and another copy of Mew can be obtained in a different way. Signing up for a Pokebank subscription or a trainer account makes players eligible to obtain them.

Meloetta is available starting on December 1 until December 24, 2016.

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