Lindsay Lohan Homeless? 'Mean Girls' Star Kicked Out Of Rental Apartment

By Kelly Callanga - 30 Nov '16 04:51AM

Lindsay Lohan just lost one of the major necessities every human being should have-shelter. The "Mean Girls" star was asked to leave her rental apartment in London after failing to pay her debt.

According to New Zealand Herald, the 30-year-old "Mean Girls" actress is living in a hotel after being asked to leave her rental apartment in Knightsbridge, London for not paying her $137,000 debt. The news site also reported that Lohan has raised enough money to pay her debts before moving out of the apartment.

The "Mean Girls" actress stayed at Blake's Hotel before she was offered to stay at a friend's apartment while trying to have her financial problems figured out.

The news site also added that Lohan was also accused by her ex-fiancé Egor Tarabasov of stealing items from him amounting to $42,000. The report revealed that among the things Lohan stole was a Rolex Oyster watch, designer clothing, and a small gold crucifix.

The report also stated that a source close to Tarabasov said that he only wants the gold crucifix back since it belonged to his late godfather.

On the other hand, reports have stated that Lohan has accused Tarabasov of breaking into her house and tried to strangle her. The "Mean Girls" actress also stated that she was afraid her ex-fiancé might splash acid on her face and jumped out of her balcony while shouting for help.

Recently, Lohan was mocked by her fans on social media after sharing a post on Instagram, trying to urge her fans to donate Hermès blankets to homeless people, as reported by Daily Mail.

The Instagram post was a photo of a Hermès blanket on a wooden horse, captioned "@hermes #blankets4peace let's start sending some to those in need. St. Christopher would consider it a peace offering in the holiday of any ONE person and their Holy Spirit."

However, the actress also mentioned on the post that the blankets do not have to be Hermès. But this did not stop people in social media from mocking Lohan. People commented on the photo, mostly stating that the homeless need shelter, not blankets.

Lohan has begun her working on her project for "The Shadow Within" last week. It will be the actress' return to Hollywood after "The Canyons" in 2013.

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