‘NES Classic Edition’ Review: Valued For Performance And Price, But Fixed Games And Out Of Stock Are Pains

By Jeff Thompson - 12 Nov '16 08:13AM

Nintendo's "NES Classic Edition" introduction is very special due to low priced but an excellent gaming console, though only fixed games can be played. The product is found to be out of stock with Amazon, Walmart, and other retailers. What made this product selling fast? An NES Classic Edition review would say what attracted people to this product.

The NES Classic Edition is found to have 30 in-built games with no option to add new games. But most of the gamers will find some of these games very useful. The NES Classic Edition games include Super Mario Bros., Mario Bros., Final Fantasy, Dr. Mario etc. Keep in mind that these NES Classic Edition games are decade old ones, still, people will find it interesting.

The mini-console looks like the initial NES console, which was released 3 decades back. NES Classic Edition gives good sound emulation, HD resolution over HDMI cable and good video output, unlike other cheap plug-and-play consoles. The device has two ports namely HDMI port and micro-USB port to get power input. The console is booting up pretty quick and easy to use menu, with the 30 games list, and additional information about the games are available on select.

The display and color resolution of NES Classic Edition is excellent while comparing with other plug-and-play consoles. Also, users can set the pixel according to choice by selecting "pixel perfect". The most disappointing aspect about the mini-console is the length of the controller's cable. It is less than 2.5 ft. long and hence the gamers have to sit close to the TV to play the game.

Interestingly, NES Classic Edition price is $59.99 which is a reasonable price for the device considering what it offers. People who are concerned with high priced devices will find NES Classic Edition price a grace. This could be the reason, why the product is sold out in Amazon and Walmart, and selling out from other retailers. All the official retailers listed in Nintendo website show that the product is out of stock for them.

NES Classic Edition review shows that it is a wonderful product considering other plug-and-play consoles. However, the issues like a non-expandable library and short controller-cable are found to be the missings. This fine device actually raises the expectations of upcoming Nintendo devices including "Nintendo Switch".

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