'Clash Of Clans' 2016 Latest News & Update: Supercell Major COC Update Rolled Out; Players Rave About Friendly, Customizable Wars

By Joyce Vega - 19 Oct '16 18:12PM

The non-stop witch spam simulator named “Clash of Clans” has had a few good years already and is preparing to bring in some new content with its latest update.

Patch notes have been released, along with some additional info on the changes fans are about to expect in the casual strategy game developed by Supercell.

First Is the release of the so called Friendly wars. It is a mode which allows for the making of custom battles between two clans, which have a customizable set of rules.
This is the clan version of the Friendly challenges, which have been in the game for some time already.

“Clash of Clans” wikia shares bonus info on the newly added features to the Clan Perks.
Supercell plan on increasing the max clan level beyond 10, but it will not happen in the next few patches, instead of that, they will give out some bonus content for those, who have already reached or do reach the max clan level. New additional features for maximium clan levels – decorations, clan flags, clan badges).
They do not plan on increasing the perk system, since it shows heavy dependency on whether one wants to join a certain clan or not. If additional perks are introduced, then it will be rather impossible for start-up clans to acquire members.

Science World Report adds up information on to be newly released system of training troop presets.
It is a feature, which Supercell had already added in Boom Beach and was just a matter of time, before it becomes part of the Clash of Clans interface.

In a few short words, the new army presets will allow you to build templates of armies, which will be ready to be trained at all time, with just a single click of a button.

Instead of rummaging through long menus, trying to find the one unit you need and click on it multiple times, you can make a preset and always train the same multi-unit army with a single click.

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