NBA: 'Golden State Warriors' March Towards Victory

By Joyce Vega - 19 Oct '16 18:33PM

The Golden State Warrior hit an unexpected bet ration of minus 150. Are they on their way to secure a sure victory?

To understand this ration better, the example relayed by ESPN of the Chicago Bulls 1997-1998 is given, back in the old days of Michael Jordan. Then, after a 72 win season, they received the ratio of minus 125. Professional bookmakers struggle to remember ever seeing such a low ration on bets, no matter if it is in Basketball, Football or Baseball.

These ratios preview the expected chances of the team winning and the lower it is, the higher is the chance to win, where also it lowers your profit if you have betted on them. This hasn’t stopped fans and professionals from betting on them, since the Golden State Warriors have the highest recorded bets on Nevada sports books.

The expectancies of specialists towards the upcoming season. Barkley picks the Cavaliers as the most highly probable team to bring down the Golden State Warriors on their way to the championship trophy.
"When I told you they couldn't play that little small ball and win a championship if everybody they played was healthy, that they'd wear down, and they did. I told you Cleveland was going to beat them and they did," Barkley said during a lunch before TNT's "Inside the NBA" studio team was elected to the Broadcasting Hall of Fame.

Here is a detailed information from Fox Sports on the Golden State Warriors’ performance in the season. For now, they are on first place, with four wins and one loss. Their last win was against Lakers with a result of 112 – 107. And the win before was against Nuggets with a close result of 129-128. Their only loss on the season was against the Toronto Raptors 93-97 points.

For now, things look pretty good for the Golden State Warriors and if they keep on their scores like that, the trophy will most probably be in their hands.

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